About Biomedical Center

BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE is conveniently located in Puerto Vallarta, behind Plaza Caracol and next door to Cornerstone hospital.

Our staff is comprised of specialized doctors in many fields from Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Physiotherapy, Cardiology to Hematology and Regenerative Therapies with stem cells. Our team of doctors, nurses and specialists are caring, attentive, qualif
ied and their utmost concern is your health, well-being and comfort.

Raul Morales, M.D., founded the Institute in 1999. Dr. Morales is an Associate Professor of Hematology, is a graduate in Medicine of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and post-graduate in Internal Medicine and sub-specialized in Hematology and Transfusional Medicine at (Instituto Nacional de la NutriciĆ³n) National University of Mexico (UNAM).

He is a member of the Mexican Society of Hematology, American Society of Hematology, International Society of Hematology, Association European of Hematology, American Association of Blood Banks, American Society of Clinical Oncology and he is an active member of the Mexican Council of Hematology.

Dr. Raul Morales is actively working on the latest procedures to combine the therapeutic use of Autologous Adult Stem Cells and medical stem cell research, as well as Cancer Adoptive Immuno therapy to the highest International Bioethics standards.
Biomedical Center also offers blood testing, from cholesterol, glucose, infectious disease testing, Cancer screening, HIV, Hepatitis B & C and over 100 other blood tests depending on your needs. 

We offer preventative screening tests as well as other lab tests recommended by your doctor or ours.

Our lab has received certification ISO 9001:2008, by Inter Americas Standards Services.

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