Thursday, June 26, 2014

Don't Feed the Cancer

If you or anyone you are know are fighting cancer, one of the key things to know is that sugar feeds cancer cells. Glucose is to cancer what gasoline is to a car. It is what gives it strength and even if you have been through conventional cancer treatments, sugar can set you back and revive the cancer cells.

It’s not as simple as cutting out sugary soft drinks, or not eating ice cream or chocolate. It goes beyond the normal comfort foods to food items that you may not realize is chock full of sugar. Sugar is glucose and it is in many foods. You may think a potato is natural and good for you but potatoes contain starch and carbohydrates which when digested, turn into sugar in your blood stream and this is what cancer needs to thrive. Other foods such as bananas, pineapple, carrots and wheat bread all have high glycemic index levels and should be eaten in moderation or cut out of your diet completely. 

We advise that anyone who is dealing with cancer investigates what foods have medium to high glycemic levels and to avoid them as much as possible. There are many fruits and vegetables that have low glycemic index levels and supply loads of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrition. A good rule of thumb is to avoid white or light colored fruits and vegetables, with exception to cauliflower, onions and garlic. Try to incorporate more dark and green leafy vegetables. Watercress, fresh spinach, kale and Swiss chard are excellent greens, packed full of good stuff, which should be eaten daily. Fruits such as fresh berries, cherries, apples and grapefruit are all lower in sugar and exceptionally good for you. Try to buy certified organic fruits and vegetables when possible because you really don’t want to add pesticides to your new healthy lifestyle. Incorporating low glycemic foods into your daily diet and cutting out sugar will be your best defense against activating cancer cells.

One diet plan we recommend for cancer patients is the American Diabetes Association Diet. Since diabetics need to control their blood sugars and help to prevent heart disease, this diet also works great for people fighting cancer. The Diabetes Diet it is low in sugar, high in nutrients and filled with lean meat, fish and poultry. Another reason this diet is ideal, is that it focuses on small meals and healthy snacks spread out throughout the day. Remember, a well balanced and low sugar diet will help keep the cancer cells in starvation mode instead of attack mode. 

If you are interested in alternative cancer therapies, please check out our Biomedical Center website for more information.

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